e-z heather

I love it that WordPress collects information for me regarding how many visitors I have, and what search terms brought them to my page. I don’t really use this information, either for good or for evil, but it can be entertaining. For instance, was the person who plugged in this beauty looking for knitting?

ez-heather model #100

And how disappointed was (presumably) he, when he found anatolian socks?

(If anyone feels daring, google this and let me know what shows up, although I have a pretty healthy imagination – I don’t like to do those sorts of things at work…)

And, I posted about my accidental socks – now someone wants a

fraternal twins sock pattern

If only I knew what that meant – perhaps I could oblige. One pair of socks that aren’t the same? Two pairs of baby socks for the feet of newly arrived fraternals? Anyway, I did give instructions for how to make my mistake, if you wanted to do it on purpose.

I also liked WWII protest. I am not sure why my blog popped up, although I think it might have had something to do with this entry, showing an action that might represent knitting subversion in a truer sense.

EDIT: The next post will be #100, for this blog, in honor of which I will send some sock yarn to the 400th commenter. I’ll put this announcement on the next post too. You can comment on any post you like, and I’ll keep track. I’ll be posting again some time this weekend, about socks!


6 thoughts on “e-z heather

  1. Ooooo! Comment comment comment! 😉

    The only hit I got on “ez-heather model #100” was for embroidery. Of course, I think I may possibly have safe search turned on. (Mostly because I haven’t gone in and turned it off.)

  2. fraternal socks are when you knit the heel/toe/cuff in a different color than the foot/leg and then knit the other sock in the opposite color scheme.

    I sometimes get really random searches too, like someone was looking for “vegan knitting kale udon”, now, either they were looking for an intarsia chart of kale & udon or maybe they saw the recipe on my blog and couldn’t find it again? I also get a number of people looking for BFF socks, which is what I am making for B & J.

  3. I love those Anatolian socks. I’m not so sure about the subversiveness of any activity (or my spelling of it) but I can say that shopping for the sheer purpose of spending money is idiotic.

  4. Maybe you share your name with some sort of robot girl-doll…That’s a pretty disturbing thought. The “fraternal twins” sock thing makes a little more sense — I’ve referred to a pair of socks knit from hand-dyed yarn as “fraternal twins” before. Maybe someone is looking for a pattern which would take advantage of the slight differences in two skeins of hand-dyed yarns?

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