Norsk Strikkedesign and Anatolian Knitting Designs

Now that I have two new knitting books, I am putting a moratorium on that as well! I have done fairly well with the destashing rules, although I haven’t put a button there in the sidebar. I’ve bought one ball of sock yarn for emergency gift needs, a few pairs of needles, and two presents for myself.

Norsk Strikkedesign arrived a couple of weekends ago, and several people can attest that for days, I took it everywhere I went. “Have you seen this yet??” Twice, three times I would ask people. I may have even shown it to non-knitters. I ogled. I drooled.

Just look at these designs. And of course, there are more.

I love the fact that each featured designer has a portfolio of pieces, that some are small like socks and therefore palatable, and that some are practically beyond imagination.

For an idea of what the work-in-progress looks like, go see Deb Robson’s two entries about her project.


One day, after I find that one magical ball of orange Tiur to finish Bjerk, I will consider these projects.

In the mean time, I have some designing projects under way, and am also busy drooling over Anatolian Knitting Designs by Betsy Harrell.

Margaret from SnB introduced me to the idea of Anatolian socks prior to my trip to Turkey in September. I perused her Anna Zilboorg book and wrote down this title from her intro. Although I visited several bookstores in Istanbul, I couldn’t find this title, which was published there in 1981. But when I came back, I finally found a copy at It is indeed from 1981 – a tad shopworn, a tad aged, typescript pages, and the Istanbul publishing house info on the back.

There are a few pages of color photos, even one of a woman named Ayse who is spindle-spinning her yarn, and endless motifs for my imagination to chew on.

If only I had read this book before traveling, my poor travelmate would have been dragged off to Hisar Utsu, the part of Istanbul where apparently some Anatolian women have settled into a cottage industry – of course, this info is 26 years old, but I imagine it could be easily verified. He only narrowly escaped a bus trip to Herekke to investigate the silk industry as well.

You know what is on my itinerary should I ever have another opportunity to go to Turkey.

Next post: photos of the two pairs of Anatolian socks (and one pair of knitted slippers) that I bought in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.


4 thoughts on “Norsk Strikkedesign and Anatolian Knitting Designs

  1. Beautiful! My favorites are the cover design, the fingerless gloves, and the blue-and-gold kimono-ey sweater. (And not just because I am a UC alum…)

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