Back in business

In October I traveled to Africa for work and had no problem bringing needles from the US to Europe and from Europe to Africa and from Africa to Europe again.

But in Paris, the airport authority took away my VEYRY VEYRY DANGEROUS (plastic)(bamboo) needles.

Not only did my Jaywalkers face that challenge, but they also faced the challenge of the brainfart whereby I LOST THE SECOND BALL OF YARN!

When I finally decided that I wanted to wear them sooner than later, I tracked down a ball of Diakeito Diamusee Fine #107 at the Knitting Shack and they sent it to me practically at the speed of light. At least in my world. Let’s say that I had it within 5 days of placing my order. If that. Which in my slow knitting world where I am just now getting around to finishing October projects, is about twice the speed of light.

And what a relief – Jaywalkers back on the needles, back in business. I am planning on wearing them next week at the latest. Yes indeedy.

ps. Finally found the t-pins and just blocked the shit out of the flowerbasket shawl (white) but I am too pooped to take a photo. Blocking is amazing.


4 thoughts on “Back in business

  1. Sorry to hear about your needles! Airport security is just so inconsistent, I check all my knitting now. Your Jaywalkers are looking really cute.

  2. These look great- I am happy to see that the varigation comes out looking so good- I was worried that it might get too blob-ish and hide the pattern. I love it!!

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