Knitting along

I haven’t actually joined the Zimmermania KAL or any others that might lead me to EZ, but I have caught the fever nonetheless. I purchased Knitter’s Almanac some time back, and each time I pick it up, it’s like I am having a familiar conversation.

After seeing b r o o k l y n t w e e d ‘s gorgeous seamless sweater,

I didn’t run out and buy Knitting Without Tears, since I am trying to discourage that very quick and powerful tendency in myself, but I did talk to Amy about her version of the sweater. I like the fact that Amy has to adjust hers, that EZ is fallible, that her ‘directions’ are more like recipes or guidelines. We’ll see if I feel the same way once I attempt a seamless sweater for myself.

At the end of the workday, sitting in my kitchen with a nice cold glass of Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout and some peach salsa and chips, I read this bit from the copy that I borrowed from the local spinning guild, which I thought simply delightful:

Twisted stitches, dropped stitches, split yarn stitches, or inadertently “made” stitches may be neatly remedied by your trusty crochet hook. Trace the offending stitch up to the needle, work to this point, and then let the stitch run down to where the trouble is. Actually, the word “run” is inaccurate, as, contrary to superstition, a dropped stitch does not immediately zoom down to the bottom of your work like a run in a stocking. At the most it will slither down one or two rows, and cling there, moaning piteously, and waiting to be picked up….

EZ, Knitting Without Tears, p 41

I can just imagine such a fragile little loop of wool, clinging for dear life to surrounding fuzz, begging to be rescued! Eh, what am I thinking – wool is tougher than that!

On a totally different note, some mysterious soul is playing bagpipes right outside my apartment. Where is my kilt?


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