Final FO count for 2006

Predictable. As soon as I woke up on Christmas Eve and got ready to travel, I came down with a cold. Thera-Flu and taking it easy and lots of hot tea last week didn’t hold it off, but I think it was pretty benign considering the three weeks of hacking and sinus problems that other people have gone through. I was at home yesterday still hacking a bit, and this post should have gone up, but of course, on my free day at home, my internet was frozen most of the day. Why? who knows – my next door neighbor and former roommate has all the info, I just pay her but I don’t talk to the internet peeps.

But – on to knitting!
I have one new photo for you – this is Mike’s hat, the last FO of 2006, which should have been finished around Christmas 2005. Oops. Even more embarrassing, it only took me one evening to knit. Coming soon – some kind of coordinating scarf, that is overdue as of Christmas 2006. *Sigh.*

mike's hat

Though I missed all deadlines on those gifts, I’ve just updated the gallery, which has been really satisfying – the FO count has increased from 11 to 24 for 2006! Here is the breakdown:

Socks: 9
Hats: 5
Shawls/scarves/shrugs: 5
Sweaters: 4
Other: 1

Ratio of Adult to Baby – 1:8.

Ratio of gifts to things for me – 13:24. Wow. I gave away more than half. I have more gifts planned, but I would also like to focus on all the unfinished objects that abound in my life. Here is a smattering of projects that are definitely getting some attention in the next couple months.

Bobble Cardigan
Little Majolica
Bellflower knee socks
Top-down leaf cardigan

Also, perhaps this week I’ll have a photo for you of a project that I pulled out of storage. I’ve made tracks on this short-sleeved cardi in the past couple weeks. In fact, all the pieces are together except for the separately-knitted button bands, which don’t yet exist.


4 thoughts on “Final FO count for 2006

  1. You’ve made me crave lace stockings/thigh-high socks. Need! Neeeeed!

    I hope you feel better! Seems everyone in the blogosphere is under the weather.

  2. Looks like a good year! I got whacked with a mild migraine this morning – it must be the Beginning of the Year thing. (Like it makes sense.)

    That picture (post below) is cool!

  3. Emily and Taima, the pattern is coming…soon? I am still working out a couple kinks, and the second sock isn’t finished yet, but that’s why it’s on the list!

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