Oh, and then I knit some more.

I am in trouble because I haven’t sent out my Christmas presents yet, but here is what I have finished:

1. Scarf for my dad, which I really enjoyed, although I do wish that I’d had a few more yards of yarn. I think this is my first FO that successfully uses an I-cord edging, which I love, because it makes the scarf look so neat. But I am not certain that I can now directly apply that skill to a new project. I’ll have to do some more reading up on it.

2. Socks for my brother, which look much better than they used to, now that they are each knitted on the same size needle.

3. Capelet for my godmother. I didn’t run out of yarn for this, although it would have withstood some more length.

It was really hard to get a photo that would show the lace, which you can see in reverse in the center… so I’ll have to try again in daylight.

As for non-Christmas knitting, there has been some. Here is the current status of the Blissful Cardigan, which still needs ends woven in and buttons sewn on:

I am feeling better about the collar after some steam blocking, but I just saw someone else’s FO with the perfect collar. Next time, maybe I’ll try that jacket, which has all the components that I wish the Blissful Cardigan had – neat, tailored shaping, a notched lapel collar that works, and … yeah, those are the two main aspects that I was going for!


7 thoughts on “Oh, and then I knit some more.

  1. Hi! I jumped over to your blog from the Red Sweater KAL……you do fabulous work! It looks like you have so much fun with your knitting….I enjoy the patterns that you are knitting too….the little capelets are sweet!

  2. Oh, I love that scarf! And the cardigan. And the capelet, but I’d wear the scarf and the cardigan first, and it’s all about me, you know? lol. Socks that match? In gauge? Who knew?

    Happy New Year!

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