How much is enough?

I’ve been steaming ahead on my Victorian Capelet, and I have to say, I am still enjoying working with the Malabrigo immensely.

But, does anyone have experience with whether Malabrigo pills?

The one-ply strand is not wound tightly and I wonder if its smoothness will last when my godmother starts to wear it. Also, even though the pattern says that I need 436 yards of yarn for a size large, and I am sure I can get away with only 430, except for the fact that I sized up from #6 to #8 needles. And except for the fact that I used up one whole ball (half of my supply) by the time I finished the lace border.

To compensate, I’ve knit decreases every 8 rather than 10 rows. I wanted to stay up last night and go for the gold, even though I know it would have been a lost cause, because I’ve been infected with the delusion common to many knitters suspecting a yarn shortage – if only I knit faster, I might not run out.

I came to my senses and realized that I would merely end up exhausted, and possibly have a few hours’ edge on the knowledge of whether or not I am going to run out.

But the fact remains, I am either going to run out or not, and how fast I knit won’t change that.


I have no contingency plan! My only clever thought was to find a nice coordinating yarn in the stash for the collar, if it comes to that, since I don’t know that I’ll have time to find or order any or if it will be a totally different dye lot. If I have a nice coordinating yarn in the stash.

Friends, there are some smart knitters out there.

Elizabeth Zimmerman said, Buy too much, you can always knit coordinating hats and scarves later.

Kaffe Fassett said, Buy as much as you can! In as many colors as you can!

And yet, I still try to squeak by with less and end up stressed out about my projects!

Which approach do you take?


5 thoughts on “How much is enough?

  1. Hm. Sometimes I buy extra. Sometimes I buy not enough. Usually if I don’t know exactly how much yarn it’ll take, I buy too little. If I have a better #, I’ll buy a little extra (and usually not need it). You can’t win — I’d say if you’re buying for a specific project, buy an extra, especially if you’re shopping somewhere with a decent return/exchange policy. 🙂

  2. I’ve heard Malabrigo pills. Did you know there’s a two-ply available now? I just checked Webs, and it’s listed. I forgot to check gauge, though.

    I usually overbuy, especially if I’m designing from scratch or modifying a pat

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