A little something for your trouble.


Here’s the Deal
I made up a little pattern based on the Regia Bamboo socks that I knit this fall. This is what I would like to do: Rather than offering it for free or for profit, I would like to offer it as a thank-you for your donation.

All proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders to help Yarn Harlot’s effort to double the current Knitters Without Borders contribution level. Once you purchase, email her and tell her that you donated $5.00 and you’ll be entered in all future Knitters Without Borders drawings.

Two Birds with One Stone
Whatever is raised for Doctors Without Borders, I will match the total contributions from now through January 15 at 50% and donate this money to The Red Scarf Project in the form of gift cards or books of stamps to send in with the scarves from the knitalong.

After January 15, I will continue to donate all proceeds from this pattern to these two efforts. I’ll keep a tally in the sidebar.

Donate now!

[Alternatively, you can mail payment and I’ll email a copy to you. Just drop me a line: heatherknitsATgmail.]

Disclaimer:Total price is $5.65. PayPal charges me fees for use, which is what the extra $0.65 is for.


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