New York and project photos

The other weekend I didn’t knit much because I was too busy running around Brooklyn. Here are a couple photos for you:

Many a False Step is Taken by Standing Still
– remember that the next time you’ve had too many servings of scotch! Just keep moving. You’ll be fine.


An owl – Discreet between UPS and the Juice Bar

owl graffiti

And I didn’t take a photo inside Habu Textiles, which was much less thrilling than I imagined other than that narrow closet in the back where they hang samples of all the goodies, but this is a photo of some of that crazy paper yarn they have, which they call ‘viscose’ but which is 100% linen. Color me confused. Feels like paper. Called viscose. Made of linen. Well anyway, it didn’t rip when I wound it, so I’ll trust that when I knit it, it will stay together.

habu linen

I’ve also got photos of knitting from this past weekend – Weekend Knitting‘s brioche scarf, Matt’s scarf for the Red Scarf Project, and Mission Falls’ “Sam” hat.

[I wish the grey showed up more nicely here – it’s really more of a blue hue.]
dad's scarf

[Frith worked on this last night at SnB during a hiatus from her Union Square sweater. Thanks Frith!]
red scarf

[On the left: flat. On the right :modeled by my ever patient high school art project, which is a bit too embarrassing to show the whole thing, but fits a kid’s hat wonderfully!]


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