Green products and weekend progress

Wow – I didn’t check email or blog all weekend. That has to be some kind of record!

A friend had this link on her blog a couple weeks ago, which includes organic cotton t-shirts. I know it’s easy to find organic cotton yarn as well…take a peek and see how green you can be this holiday season.

Holiday gift ideas

Here is a link that – well, I think it’s pretty self explanatory!

Holiday waste reduction tips

As for weekend knitting, yes there was much. Friday I went with some SnB friends to a spinning guild swap. I worked on the fraternal twin all evening, amidst the madness of 50 fiber fanatics rotating according to their picked-from-the-hat number to snatch up fleece and roving and yarn that everyone had brought. The food was amazing, including rose-geranium cake and Russian Cream (creamy gelatin dessert with currant topping).

The fraternal twin got tabled just short of starting toe decreases because I misplaced the 4th dpn – it was in my coat pocket (??), I took it out, and put it down somewhere. Lost. Sigh. I can’t even switch to circular, because my #2s, if I even have any, are Addi’s, which are actually a different size.

I went to the Christmas parade on Saturday morning with my neighbor and her mom who was in town, and later on we had tea and apple pie, which was delicious! I worked on my brioche scarf from Melanie Falick’s Weekend Knitting, which I’ll have to show you tomorrow. No photo, and I can’t find a picture online anywhere, either! So Dad’s Christmas present is more than half finished, but I’m not convinced that I’ll have enough yarn. Hopefully Mary Anne will have some at the Farmer’s Market this weekend if I come up short. I’ve got a lovely royal blue and an even more lovely blue and grey variegated chunky merino, which is perfect for the brioche.

Finally put the provisional stitches of my Red Scarf on the needles, and ever since then, the neck ribbing has been flying along.

There were a couple balls of Mission Falls 1824 in the stash, one of them attached to a half-finished hat from the pattern “Sam”:

I found the pattern as well, so I finished one and started a second – for once, I may have baby presents ready before the babies outgrow them.

And several months back I told my aunt that I’d knit a capelet for my godmother with some Malabrigo that she bought. Last night I cast on for this Vintage Capelet (though in a variegated mulberry color), and it’s addictive – both the Malabrigo, which is soft and smooth, and the lace! I can’t wait to get back to work on it.


I did also spend some time working on the Debbie Bliss Cardigan Mess of 2006, and it is gradually sorting out. A million ends remain to be woven in, and I think it’s going to require a serious dunk for blocking, because the collar is not exactly laying flat and needs to be beaten into submission. I sewed two nice green buttons on Elijah (the sweater formerly known as Peanut), of which my camera refuses to take a nice photo, but the Blissful Cardi still needs those attached.


2 thoughts on “Green products and weekend progress

  1. I’ve been deliberately making fraternal twin type socks, just for variety. Same yarn, different ribbing etc. i don’t know about the capelet, but I am totally addicted to Malabrigo!

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