Cake and Lace

First of all, thank you SnB-ers who bought me sweets and flowers and lit candles for me last night! You rock! [Susan, I am hoping maybe I’ll see a bloom tonight? I put them in warm water to encourage them and with some sugar for longevity…]

Second, I would like to share this little tidbit with you and say Happy Birthday to my brother as well!


Third, how did I miss out on this adventure? Do you think there will be another round next summer? It’s the Amazing Lace!


5 thoughts on “Cake and Lace

  1. Happy Birthday! I just had one myself. Your list of weekend things sounded great! To tell you something about turning 30 – it wasn’t until my thirties that I had a sense of who I was. A very good decade, indeed!

  2. Thank you all!

    Elizabeth, I have heard that many people have had a great decade after turning 30, so I am looking forward to it quite a bit.

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