30 things from this weekend

30. Thai red curry with tofu and veggies – yum!
29. Two ladies I haven’t seen since 1999 who went to my alma mater
28. Shannon, Taima and Mary
27. dirty martini with stoli
26. Sweet Ups
25. Belinda Carlisle
24. vodka bramble
23. Amber and Laura
22. Vegetarian dim sum
21. Habu textiles
20. mad money for Habu
18. pear walnut goat cheese arugula salad
17. sazerac
16. free jug o’ keg wine
15. Velvet Goldmine
14. Phoebe’s Cafe
13. the Yarn Tree
12. silk hankies
11. planning the farm school
10. Beacon’s closet
9. Charlie and Cameron, what a cute couple
8. Tuna casserole, mac and cheese, ambrosia
7. pinot grigio and chocolate LU biscuits
6. A Prairie Home Companion
5. Nashville
4. air-popped popcorn with lots of butter and salt
3. 3 hours of sleep last night
2. cab at 4.40am to return to work
1. I just feel so warm and happy that my girls met me in NYC this weekend and we met other cool ladies and had such a great weekend because I said, I need to celebrate my 30th birthday and I need to do it with you and it has to be in NYC, and they all said OK!

[ps. There is still time, the actual day isn’t till Wednesday. Tell me something about turning 30.]


5 thoughts on “30 things from this weekend

  1. Turning 30… leaving the association with all those 20somethings behind. No more “20’s” demographic assumptions – maturity!

  2. happy birthday heather! i am reminding you to tell me about that scarf that is good for a single skein of koigu that you were talking about last night.

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