It will take me a while to work through everything I now have strewn about my house. As much as I have been a failure at this endeavor in the past, I do want to redouble my commitment to working from stash yarn only mostly.

I’ve sorted through most of the UFOs that I think I want to finish, and the other night I finished one.

EDIT: This is a scarf! I’ll post a modeled photo soon. Sorry Amber, not a sock!

I also found more than ten balls of grey Filatura di Crosa 127 Print, and took this bit off the needles – there is no way of telling what I thought it was going to be or how it got to looking like this.

Now I am trying to imagine what it could become, since I have a nice batch of it. The lines formed by the random colors make it a challenge to work with, though – I don’t think I want horizontal striping, which will mean knitting a sweater side to side. Any suggestions?

Looking at all these abandoned projects, I just marvel at the yarns with which I was enamored 2 or 3 years ago. I’ve grown out of many of them, and I am much more interested in smooth, semi-solid or solid yarns. Eyelash never did anything for me, but it’s amazing how much I have that could be considered Novelty. Filatura di Crosa’s site even categorizes this yarn as Fancy. Well – it’s not exactly fancy but still, the color striping that enthralled me before is now a bit distracting for the designs that interest me…


2 thoughts on “Destash

  1. Interesting, isn’t it? “Growing out of it” is a good way to put it. You could always sell those yarns – maybe they will be someone else’s cup of tea? 🙂

    Good luck with the stash reduction – this is something I am working on too, despite my recent spending spree…

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