Sweet Georgia has a contest up over here if you comment by Friday at midnight PST.

Here are her questions and my answers. Go over there and enter her drawing, then come back and tell me about 2006!

1. How was 2006 for you?
2. What was the highlight of your year?
3. What did you want to accomplish that you didn’t get to?
4. What are you planning for 2007?

1. 2006 was difficult. I had to resettle in the US. I have been fighting suburbia while not having an exit. But it has also been restful.
2. The highlight was travel – to my friend’s wedding on Cape Cod, to Turkey for vacation, to Congo for work.
3. I wanted to publish some patterns and save some money for a car, but there’s always next year!
4. For 2007, I am planning to consolidate more in my interests and career moves, learn more outside my field and focus on what really interests me, and see whether I am prepared to move overseas again. Also, stash reduction…

[I posted on her site yesterday and already I am wondering if these answers are true.]


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