Peanut sweater

I took about ten photos between Saturday and yesterday of the nearly-finished garment, and all of them were badly lit or came out blurry. I think I need a tripod.

But here is a little bit of what I was working on over the long weekend, chez Mary and in between 30 hours and 1800 miles of driving:

The yarn I bought at SAFF and as soon as I find the tag, I will tell you more about it. The important qualities for me were

1) green (ok, it was supposed to be unisex baby color, but turns out it is more blue, so it’s going to the baby that we already know is a boy – I have no problem with switching it up, but I’m not sure that this is the case for all the parents involved);

2) superwash (duh, it’s for a baby! as much as my friends might appreciate handknit woolens, and as much as Elizabeth Zimmerman believed that everyone should have no problem handwashing them, I think it’s best to plan for sweaters that will end up with baby barf on them to be made for machine washing);

3) worsted weight (I seem to be finishing nothing these days, and not finishing baby items can have dire consequences – see Example A of Baby Who Looks Like A Sausage in the sweater that I sent 3 months late. My excuse: I was overseas. I am not this year.)

Example A:

Mary made a comment to me while I was trying to figure out the sizing on this sweater, “I can guarantee you that he’ll wear it at least once!” Wellllll. You see. As much as I love knitting, I would love even more to avoid the situation in Example A. I want him to wear it at least enough times to get thrown in the washing machine! And Peanut will be born in April, in Georgia, which means that there won’t be much cold weather for the first six months. So even though he is only this big

I think the sweater is probably big enough to fit a two-year old. Right.


One thought on “Peanut sweater

  1. Yay! Peanut’s got a sweater! So it’s completely finished? You’re fast!

    Now if only Peanut would get here! I guess that will happen soon enough!

    Muchas gracias!

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