Ugly Duckling

Yesterday was Friday. Lots of people like to go out on Friday, especially after a hard day’s work. I do as well, but yesterday I had no plans and was itching to get home and get back to work.

And by ‘work’ I mean that after reading this post, I went straight to the cabinet for the vodka and olives for a nice lace-knitting lubricant in the form of a martini. [Now, normally I would not advocate this type of wanton activity, but everything in moderation, I say. Operative word being everything.]

A couple hours and ten rows later – hey, those rows near the end had 300+ stitches, mmkay? – and what, an hour for binding off? We have:

My dear ugly duckling Swallowtail, soon you shall be a Swan. Even though right now you are pathetic and deflated and crumpled, and look nothing like that beautiful dove gray version in the photograph, once I rehydrate you and stretch you to dimensions you didn’t know you could reach, you will blossom into a veritable shawl!


7 thoughts on “Ugly Duckling

  1. Mary – thank you my dear!

    Heather – glad to know I am not the only one out there who sometimes finds knitting more entertaining that painting the town red!

    Amber – No. SRSLY, I knit the LAST TEN ROWS last night. I started this in early Sept. to take to Turkey with me.

  2. I remember talking to you on Friday night as I was about to go out and wishing I was staying in to knit. What dorks we are. But you are a fastknittingdork and I am a slowknittingdork.

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