Before I knew about log cabins

I started this blanket because I needed something for my bed. Er. I needed it sooner than a year from now, but even so, I thought it would be a good stash buster. There are plenty of other things I could have done with this yarn, but here is, finally finished, the FIRST HALF of my stockinette blanket.


For this half, I chose greens and pinks, which went to pinks,purples, and something pretending to be pink but is more like red… For the other half, I’ll stagger the stripes and sew it reverse-stockinette side up, so you get some smooth and some bumpy no matter which side is up. And the colors are in the blues and oranges range.

I have no idea how it will come out. Perhaps a mess. But it’s going to be the most luscious blanket I own, that’s for sure – lovely wool, some blends, alpaca, I think alpaca/silk as well.

And the cats have already found it.

[You can also see the bare, un-foam-rubbered slats of my wenge couch here.]


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