Blissful cardigan, no collar

After posting last week (already a week ago! I don’t know what I’ve been doing with myself, but I’ve been busy…), I never received a response from Interweave about this pattern, although I did hear from Patti of Example One in the previous entry and she said that she has had problems with other Debbie Bliss patterns. She still loves them and knits them, though.

I was so intent on seaming my sweater and ripping the awful collar off that I forgot to photograph it in its sad and horrifying 1970s butterfly collar stage. Here it is, primed for finishing – a few ends to weave in, some blocking definitely required, and I do like the silhouette but on me the v-neck with no collar is very unflattering.

Hopefully it will take only one more weekend to figure out a solution.

I went to JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts looking for some high-density foam rubber for my wooden couches, and found it, but I left with none because I can’t commit to $44.99/yd yet. This price is for the the thickest version, 5″, and while not buying it means that my living room is going to remain a bit less livable, for that price I would rather order directly from and have them create a super duper padded version such that my bum will never feel the wooden slats. Which it does, through the couple of 3″ foam cushions I brought back with the furniture last year from Congo.

After browsing in the button section, though, I found these wonderful tins for $4-8 each, depending if you buy plastic or pearl. They come in every color of the rainbow, and I wanted one of each!

Different sizes! Different shades! But I bought only green, since that is what I plan to use on the cardi. I have some green yarn that I’ll thread through for the stripes after I deal with that damn collar.


4 thoughts on “Blissful cardigan, no collar

  1. hey- i have a coupon for joanne’s that i am thinking you can use towards buying foam. i think i did that when i had to buy foam for my couch.let me know if you want to use it- i’ll be at knitting tomorrow. sue

  2. When I had to buy couch foam around there, I found a place in the yellow pages that did reupholstery. I can’t remember the name, but it was in some tiny town near Chapel Hill that wasn’t much more than a single intersection. The foam was *really* comfortable, though. I think it cost me around $100 to do the seat and back cushions for a loveseat… that included some padding to “soften” the look of the foam some. The back I only used 3″ foam, but it was more than sufficient.

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