Blissful Cardigan finishing?

I do want to finish something, maybe one of the three (or more?) sweaters I have going, since the cold weather is upon us? A couple weeks ago, I pulled out the Blissful Cardigan and finished up the sleeves, seamed the shoulders, and picked up stitches to knit on the collar.

Here is the IK photo.

Only the collar is not what it claims to be.

I have searched online for pattern corrections – nothing. I frogged the left collar twice and the entire neckline once, started over, ended up with the same WRONG thing.

I searched online for anyone else who has done this pattern and came up with the following:

Example No. 1

Which led me to:

Example No. 2

Both of these women had collar problems, too! Both manufactured their own solutions, which they didn’t elaborate on their posts. Neither mentioned contacting the designer or IK.

Debbie Bliss doesn’t have a contact on her site other than to UK or foreign distributors, who probably won’t be able to offer a satisfactory response. I emailed IK, but it was Saturday when I sent it, so I won’t see a response till at least next week.

I have a solution in mind, but I am going to hold off for now. I’ll sew the sleeves in and seam it up and find some buttons and perhaps put some striping in to tide me over, but I won’t be wearing my new sweater to work this week – kind of a bummer!


4 thoughts on “Blissful Cardigan finishing?

  1. Carrie, it looks like your comment was cut off. But, I haven’t heard anything from IK so I think I’m going to have to make up my own collar like the ladies in the links above did…

  2. Yikes, I have this on the needles right now but am a long way from the collar. Please post whatever you do to solve this. Thanks

  3. Hi Heather, I totally feel your pain on the collar. I’m satisfied with my improvised one, even though it is a bit wide, but the one in the picture is nicer. Debbie Bliss is not an accessible designer, and I’ve been burned by her patterns before. But I keep going back for more because I like the classic styles.

    Good luck!

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