Red Scarf Project

Hey everyone,

This post is an invite to join the Red Scarf Knitalong that I started last night for the Red Scarf Project.

I am thinking that I will need something somewhat mindless to work on during chilly nights of DVD watching and tea drinking that are already upon us, and it would be a good way to flex my designing muscles if I want to get more complicated.

[Also, scarves do not have to be red…]

This project is not a contest, though I will try to round up some loot (to be updated on the knitalong info page).

It is a donation effort though, which does have a deadline – mailing in January.

So, please come join me and the co-mod, Amber, and keep us posted on your progress!

ps. Email me if you want to contribute prizes or make a button or link to a free pattern! Contact info up there to your right in the sidebar.


4 thoughts on “Red Scarf Project

  1. great- i had not thought to get y’all to knit along for this so this is a fab idea. i have a scarf going that i designed. i’ll probably have to have you help me c pictures of it for the knitalong.

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