I am moving. It seems to be taking forever. It is actually taking forever. Back in August, I had a house/cat-sitting job. Then I was going away in September, so the people living in the house said you can stay if you don’t have a lease yet. So I didn’t sign a lease. I went to Turkey, came back for 5 days, then went to DR Congo this month. Now I have finally signed a lease, but it’s been three months and my belongings have been stored or scattered.

Things were looking up, though. I moved one carload into the apartment the other day after returning from SAFF. Wednesday I will have the UHAUL truck to get the furniture moved in – although I have yet to recruit someone to help…

But in all this shifting around, it is difficult to keep track of anything. Today, that means that although I finished a pair of socks for Socktober, I can’t post the photo, because WHERE IS THE SECOND SOCK???

In lieu of that, and in light of my Jaywalker disaster, I bring you the Jaywalker-inspired Zag:

Pattern forthcoming.


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