Socktober debacle the second: Fraternal twins

I am a fraternal twin. For those of you without inclinations toward life science/biology, this means that my brother and I were formed from separate everything, not a split fertilized egg, which would give you identical twins. Don’t laugh, people ask me this stuff!

Even though I am a fraternal twin and even though I decided to make my twin a pair of socks for Christmas, I did not intend to knit fraternal twin socks.

Here is how you would knit them though, if you wanted to:

1. Knit first skein of Lorna’s Laces yarn into a sock using #2 US dpns.

2. Using the same pattern, knit second skein of Lorna’s Laces yarn into a sock using #1 US Addi Turbo circular needles.

And then, if you are me, you:

3. Realize when you come home from the mountains and compare socks that they are VERY fraternal, and fraternal is not what we’re looking for.

4. Put Addi Turbo needle in a sizer and realize that it is not the #2 you thought it was. Which explains the very bizarre pooling in Sock the Second.

5. Sigh. Mourn. Wonder why in heck you have 2 Addi’s in size #1 and what happened to that no. 2 needle?

6. Un-kitchener stitch the toe and cast on to #2US dpns just like the first sock.

This pair of socks will likely turn into fraternal-identical (Ok folks, stay with me: same egg, splits, fertlized separately) rather than identical, but that is close enough for me.

Mary at SnB made me feel better when she lovingly cooed at the first sock and said that using #2s made for a much more supple fabric, so I am resigned to being among the ranks of Socktober participants who still does not have a complete pair of socks to display…


8 thoughts on “Socktober debacle the second: Fraternal twins

  1. Wow, are those ever different… spiral in the first, and *shazaam* in the second! The different sizes are funny too. I’m sorry you have to knit that second one over. *sigh*!

  2. Oh, Heather, I’m sorry! This post was great though. I do think that the 2s make for a nicer looking sock though 🙂 Maybe we need another car trip for sock knitting? Stitches East? kidding! I have no money left.

  3. Andrea –
    I rather like the *shazaam* myself, especially now that I have a word for it! But there was a huge pool of blue on the other side that was not so interesting. It’s ok, I have plenty of time for a reknit before the holidays.

    Yes, I am happy with the #2 version. I have no money left either. Is there any car trip we can take to somewhere that it’s impossible to spend money?

  4. I just did the same thing with my size 14 husband socks. I did one that fit him. Then the second, I used the wrong needles and forgot to increase extra for his feet, so when it was all over I had one sock that fit him and one that fit me. So now I am making a mate for his first sock, and then a mate for my sock.

    I love both socks, but I think it like the coloring in the smaller one better. But then again, I like you better than your brother and you are smaller than he is. Can you just make another size 2/size 1 pair, and gift one set?

  5. Amber-
    I would knit one more of each, but I don’t have enough yarn. You planned ahead and bought a bunch of yarn.

    Also, I don’t know if you would like the smaller one if you saw the big pool of blue on the other side.

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