SAFF summary

First off, Amy has the list up of the bloggers that we met on Saturday at SAFF!

It was great to meet everyone, and I’ll start making some rounds soon, since I haven’t seen your blogs yet.

Secondly, Amy and I took the “Natural Colors From Nature: In Our Own Backyard” workshop and learned about dyeing with leaves picked off trees and weeds picked from our yard, and alum as a mordant, as well as the value of boiling copper piping or a railroad spike.

We used only marigold heads but here is the big bag of whole plants that our teacher said would give us a greener tinge (obviously!):

Here is the yarn in pots, pokeberry and onion skins (dry photos tomorrow):

And here is a head band that our teacher knit from natural dyed yarn:

Also of interest – how much can a Monk’s Travel Satchel hold? Amy’s haul from the show:

Giganto knitted coat (note – Amy is 5’5″; do not store knitted coats on hangers…); Cute alpacas.

And look, I got an Honorable Mention for my Embossed Leaves socks!


5 thoughts on “SAFF summary

  1. Sorry Amy, I will change it! 😉

    Andrea, it was fun, you should try it if you are ever back in the area.

    Mary – thank you! Oh, I have to take a photo of the yarn, I almost forgot!

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