Over nine months have passed since I moved to North Carolina, and I have seen little outside the Research Triangle. Mostly due to the fact that I am not a car owner.

And during this time, not only have I not seen the state in which I live, I have also missed non-NC events, namely NYS Sheep and Wool and Maryland Sheep and Wool.

This weekend, I will go to Asheville for the first time, which I am really looking forward to! Amy is going as well as S, and we will meet up with one or two other folks from our SnB at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair.

I am bringing my spindle and a bit of fiber, some socks to knit, and a hat whose pattern should be available here on my site once I finish it. And I am thinking of entering these socks and my new purple and teal skein of homespun in the contests:

Fiber for both of these items comes from Three Waters Farm.

Also, very exciting – Amy and I are both taking a class called “Natural Colors From Nature: In Our Own Backyard.” I have a ball of plain natural white sheep roving just aching for some color!


2 thoughts on “SAFF!

  1. I can’t work I’m so excited 🙂

    I finally google mapped rhinebeck and discovered that it’s about 40 minutes from my dad’s house. I’m sure he’ll be excited about a visit from me next October!

  2. Yeah, my friend’s mom lives in Woodstock. Last year I went up for the Woodstock Film Festival. This year I had big plans for Sheep and Wool, before I realized what a craze it was with the blogging population. I just wanted to see my friends! But my trip to the field got in the way of that plan.

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