Andean Plying

Do not do what I do.

back of hand front of hand

Apparently my spinning book didn’t really make clear [or I overlooked it] the part about how you can take the yarn off every couple of winds and move it to your wrist. More like Amy’s example.

I am pleased with the final result, which worked out nicely once I got circulation back. My first plied skein!

skein closeup

The teal and purple sections worked out almost exactly even, and there is some variation in the fiber to natural gray, but only the last 6 inches or so turned out one color.

OK, I have a long way to go in adjusting the tightness of my twist, but I am still looking forward to making this into a hat or something. I have 95 yards or so and it should do nicely on a size 9.


7 thoughts on “Andean Plying

  1. oh that looks wonderful! eh.. minus the lack of circulation that is. great colors & it looks like you’re getting much thinner & more consistent singles when you spin now.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! My singles definitely need work, you just can’t see the variation in these photos…

    When shall we get together and spin, Miss L?

  3. yikes! what a photo. thanks for the links, though; I haven’t tryed Andean plying for a while and I get the feeling there are a lot more web resources out there now to guide me.

  4. I suppose I should have consulted those web resources, but I didn’t have internet at the time, and I thought I understood! It still worked, but it was a bit more uncomfortable than necessary.

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