Socktober Update

I got a late start on my socks, but I thought with two weeks I could probably finish off two pairs. Here is the first:


“What?” you say, “It’s not finished!” That is correct. However, I have used all the yarn I have because somehow I HAVE LOST THE SECOND BALL!!!

This is the greatest sock tragedy I have suffered yet, much more than the recent loss of the previous set of #2 dpns.

So please get the word out:
If anyone has one ball of Diakeito Diamusee Fine in color #107 for sale or swap, please help save my sock!

In other news, the Black Watch socks for my brother (shhhh!) are going well –

black watch

I am confident that it won’t take me long to finish the second one: they are just stockinette after all. And once that’s out of the way, it’s back to the bellflower stocking project.

4 thoughts on “Socktober Update

  1. oh no! unfortunately I don’t have any of that yarn or I’d offer to help you out! :/ I will keep my fingers crossed that someone has the yarn or that you find the second ball!

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