Not Knitting Once Again! – and Why not?

Dear fellow Knitters,

I have a newfound hatred for Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport. My strong feelings used to be connected to the fact that any flight to DR Congo is routed through Paris if not Brussels, and since – I suppose – relatively few people travel there, the connecting AirFrance flight has always been routed through Terminal 2E, which is as far as possible from any gate into which passengers arrive. It was nearly impossible to make a connection with less than 3 hours layover time.

But traveling to Brazzaville this time, through Boston, my flight arrived in 2A and left from 2C (or vice versa?), which was pleasant and walkable, and I thought I was finally in recovery from my loathing for all things CDG.

No longer.

Despite published lists of TSA or specific airline regulations that lead you to believe that your plastic and bamboo needles are benign, do not think that you will get away with taking your knitting in your carry on from Paris (or perhaps anywhere in Europe?) back to the US. Unless you hide them really well in that inside pocket that never gets checked, rather than hastily stuffing your project in an easy-access outside pocket the way I did.

I am fairly certain that I took my knitting from Raleigh-Durham to London on my way to Istanbul, though I packed them in checked baggage for the London-Istanbul leg. And I brought them from Istanbul back to London with no problem. Traveling from Raleigh-Durham to Boston to Paris to Brazzaville – great! From Kinshasa back to Paris – wonderful! I finally started a Socktober sock! It was coming along swimmingly!

Quite a relief after facing ripping back my Swallowtail Shawl for about the 7th time.

The yarn is doing a great job striping, which works beautifully with Grumperpina‘s Jaywalker pattern. [Finally I’m jumping on the Jaywalker bandwagon!] I turned the heel – good progress for a sleepless nighttime flight!

And then. I disembarked. I faced the injustice and wrath that is the CDG Airport Security Staff.

They were smug, rude, unsympathetic, and the manager had a crazy accent that made his French practically indecipherable.

I asked to see the relevant regulations. They could produce none. [It is up to the discretion of the security agent. They also took my 3oz. container of hand sanitizer, presumably because it wasn’t in a clear ziplock baggie.]

I told them I’d flown everywhere with them and never had a problem. No reaction.

I asked why they wanted to take them away. They said “pointy things” are dangerous on planes. Right. Bryspun needles – every violent person’s weapon of choice.

There was nothing I could do – I had to accept defeat.

I asked another security woman’s opinion, and she referred me to the same unintelligible manager. They stowed my needles in the clear plastic box of no return for “Dangerous Pointy Items That Could In Some Alternate Universe Be Used As Weaponry And On Display Here For All to See As A Warning To Future Potential Regulation Breakers.”

One point for the war on terror. Two projects unraveling for me.

The crowning indignity is that my Delta flight to the US left from inconvenient and distant Terminal 2E.


9 thoughts on “Not Knitting Once Again! – and Why not?

  1. Your Jaywalker is beautiful! Did you add some shaping to the leg? I just decided to switch up a needle size for the leg…I couldn’t get it over my heel with the smaller needles. How do yours seem to fit?

  2. Whitney –

    I didn’t actually do any shaping, but it looks like I did somehow…

    It could be a tad bigger in the leg, but the main change I made was to size up to #2 needles, and I did alter the pattern by putting only 6 stitches rather than 7 or 8 between each increase or decrease (which doesn’t make it bigger…)

    But I think your idea of sizing up on the needles for the leg is a great idea – that would easily solve many of my sock sizing problems!

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