Not Knitting

I am working in central Africa right now, and was pulling 14-hour days last week (training 8-6 and then going to the office till 9:30 or 10pm), so I haven’t had any time to knit or to blog! Also, internet access has been a bit patchy.

I’ve been carrying my Swallowtail Shawl around in my backpack, thinking that I’ll just pull it out when I have free time, but I’ve been somewhat thwarted:

– hot weather and sweaty hands
– uh, NOBODY ELSE knits so it’s not socially acceptable in public
– lifts in pick-up trucks over bumpy roads
– dropping to sleep exhausted at the end of the day

Airplane trips are always a good time as well, and flying to/from Turkey, I made a lot of progress. But coming here last weekend, I did a lot more reading than knitting. I finished A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian and On Beauty, and started reading The Roots of Wild Madder.

The latter I found at the airport in … Boston? I thought it would be appropriate considering my recently ignited interest in carpets from my trip to Turkey. The idea for the book was a good one – follow the path of his questions regarding the origins of carpets and where the motifs and materials come from. I think the author had a very interesting series of travels and has a lot of great stories, but the writing is a bit stilted and not very sophisticated. Even though I find the subject matter intriguing, I am having a hard time finishing the book…

But ultimately I want to compare his experience in a couple of different countries to mine in Turkey with five different dealers.

And that comparison will have to wait, since now I have to work. The backlog of blog posts just keeps growing!


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