Wishful trekking

I didn’t do much trekking this summer, at least in the latter part, other than up and down the local trail by the creek, and each time I went I left my camera behind. So, I didn’t post more than once on the TrekAlong site… But I did finish two pairs of Trekking socks (and a number of non-Trekking socks) before August 31, so I wanted to at least post the product of this knitalong, whose theme I loved!

On the left is one pair for me (#76 I think), and on the right is one pair for someone with much larger feet!

trekking 76 mens trekking

For the left one, I worked from the cuff down with a diamond lace pattern from The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns, and used the star toe.

For the right pair, I used our fellow Trekker Miriam’s Simple Trekking Socks pattern.


6 thoughts on “Wishful trekking

  1. I love the purple pair- this was the sock looking out the window- right? Did you write up the pattern yet, I really would like to make it at some point.

  2. Yes it was the sock that couldn’t trek because of the rain!

    I haven’t written the pattern, I am going to alter it because they turned out very tight. You’ll be the first to know about it, I promise.

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