Traveling, frogging, spinning

First of all, I am traveling next Thursday night and will be away for two weeks – and I need a project that is super light! I will have at least one pair of socks, but that won’t last me 2 weeks, and my sweater projects are too bulky. I am thinking about this:


I am taking a bag that is about the size of this, so I have to keep it small…

Next, in my finishing fanaticism of the last week or two, I frogged and reknit the front of the Blissful Cardigan to the armhole!! Then I realized that I misread the directions. Again. They told me to work the first buttonhole after 11 ridges of garter stitch. Fine. Then make four more, every 14th row after that. I made them every 14th RIDGE!!!! But the unraveling of the 4 edge stitches and reworking came out OK. The only disappointment is that, while I do now have 5 holes instead of 3, the band itself now does not lay as nice and flat as when the band was originally knitted row by row with the rest of the sweater. Hopefully my new favorite technique that you all read about in the last post will solve this problem.

Lastly, I have been working on spinning with my Louet high whorl spindle in the past week or so. I was excited about the alpaca fiber, but it was distributed by Louet as well, which means that it’s probably not fiber of US origin, which is required if I want to enter the local competitions for novice spinning. So, I bought 5oz of this from Three Waters Farm via Yarns, Etc.:


[It reminds me of an odd, squat, robed stuffed animal that I owned in the 80s, which had a 9V battery and chirred when you moved or something. It had eyes and nose close together that lit up when it chirred. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?]

At any rate, I love the yarn, I only wish I had a spinning wheel! After spinning, I will take my first stab at plying…


4 thoughts on “Traveling, frogging, spinning

  1. Not a clue (what toy that could’ve been). Have fun on your two week vacation! I’m taking a shawl because of space issues, but a pretty easy pattern (not that I’m not having to frog the thing every nine rows) because I just know some idiot will distract me if it’s a complex pattern and I’ll be taken off the plane in handcuffs by the marshalls, and ruin knitting for everyone.

  2. Carrie, good point on simple, I don’t want to get riled up and ruin knitting on airplanes either…

    Daphne, yes it was in the US, but I can’t google it becuase I dn’t know the name!!! I cast on for the shawl, y’know, just to get it started, and I’m having problems leaving it on the shelf till Thursday.

    Amber, I don’t recall – I thought it was called a Tribble, but when I looked up Tribble, it’s totally different. It might be more related to Star Wars. I do wear shawls in the winter, more as a scarf. We’ll see, maybe it will be a gift instead! The yarn is only $6/ball, and this shawl takes only one.

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