Regia Bamboo test knit

Last month when I was up in Massachusetts, I stopped in to Black Sheep Knitting and picked up some brand spankin’ new Regia Bamboo sock yarn in this colorway.

I loved it – we all love bamboo, we can’t get enough of it, and here it is in all its splendor, blended with wool for stretchiness and nylon for durability, and it’s even washable.

Although I loved the yarn more in the skein than I did when I begun to knit it up, my sister likes it much more, and thus a birthday present was born. I am closing in on completing the second sock, but in the mean time, here is the first:

Black Sheep Knitting asked for a full report, so they will receive it anon, and maybe I’ll send them a link for the pattern too, which is still in my head but simple enough so that all y’all smarty-pantses could easily figure it out.


8 thoughts on “Regia Bamboo test knit

  1. oooh, I saw some of that on my visit to Woolcott this weekend. I almost bought some, but I’m on this whole yarn diet thing. It looks great–maybe I can find some online.

  2. I have a problem – there are certain stores where I just can’t leave without buying something, so I took that home and some green/blue Lorna’s Laces for socks for my brother. Look what everyone’s getting for the holidays.

  3. I’m abt to start a pair of socks with some REgia Bamboo and was wondering how you liked
    knitting with it? What size needle did you use? How many did you cast on? Was it still
    stretchy like their wool/nylon ones?? I need details!! LOL BTW they look GREAT!

  4. I just bought this exact same color on Friday! What size needles are you using? The sample card I have seen for the yarn online shows pooling (I hate pooling), but your sock doesn’t have pooling. I wonder if the needle size has something to do with that, or just the fact that once the rows are long enough (for a sock, not a swatch), it doesn’t pool.

    Either way – they look beautiful!

  5. Lynn and Christine, I knit mine on US#2 and 72 st. I noticed the pooling too on the swatch, which surprised me – I knit my socks before I saw that swatch! I think it’s probably the number of stitches. Generally when I swatch I do between 30-40, and these are 72, so that’s the most likely explanation.

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