First skein of homespun

These first two photos look almost exactly like those I posted the other day, but really one is the second skein’s worth of yarn wound on my spindle and the other is the second skein wound onto the niddy noddy. I will spare you additional shots of wet alpaca fur soaking in mixing bowls, though if I could make them scratch ‘n sniff, I might, because that wet wool smell sure rounds out the experience, let me tell ya.

I took a photo only of the first skein, which is 36 yards and about the weight of Classic Elite Montera but more dense.

The second batch was spun finer, but is still dense and has a wee bit too much twist, so I’ll work on that. I also got up to 96+ yards. So, all told, 133 yards for 4oz. of top – I have to admit, I thought I’d get much more out of it.

Assuming I have 24oz. more [it’s in storage, I can’t remember how much I bought…] and I can get a wee bit more yardage out of each batch, let’s say 150 yards per 4oz., I’ll have a total of 1030 yards. Depending on the gauge, I might be able to get a jacket-like cardigan out of it, and it will be the densest, most wind- and waterproof sweater I’ve ever knit.

OH! But I almost forgot the most exciting bit! At SnB tonight, a couple of the spinning afficionados were talking about two upcoming fairs that sponsor spinning competitions, including at a novice level, and they told me I should definitely enter my skein!

Hey Amy, you should enter something too!


2 thoughts on “First skein of homespun

  1. That would be fun! Post or email more information. I suppose that they have spindle v. wheel categories? I’m turning into a spinning machine I want to finish my candycane top and move on to some of my hand dyed stuff. Ooh, I was also thinking last night (as I was winding my yarn from my spindle to niddy-noddy) about your previous post that it’s sometimes easier to wind onto the niddy-noddy if you slide the yarn from the spindle onto a chopstick or straw.

    Spinning enough yarn for a sweater is so ambitious! Don’t forget that handspun blooms more than machine spun yarn, so you want to knit it on bigger needles than you typically would.

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