The good news and the bad

Good news – we harvested a fig tree outside our apartment! And, blueberries are in season – I’ve picked some up the past two weeks at the farmers market, and they are perfect for snacking. I am sure they weren’t as inexpensive as those that Amber harvested, since mine were pre-picked, but I found out that a farm here will give you half the blueberries you harvest, no money exchanged.

figs blueberries

Bad news – I put on the first finished knee sock, and I think I’ll be un-finishing it.

It was a brilliant idea to add elastic inside the band around the top, but frankly I may have made the knee socks tight enough that they don’t need elastic.


Also, I was anxious to finish and I didn’t wait long enough to do yarnovers on my picot edge. On the left, the inside of my edging looks nice, but when I tried them on, er, not so nice.

picot edge elastic

My current plan is to redo the bind-off, based on what happens with Second Sock, which I am going to try without elastic. If it stays up, then I’ll save the elastic for a different project.


3 thoughts on “The good news and the bad

  1. Really? Thanks! I want to write up the pattern, but at the moment I’m stalled on the heel of sock # 2. And I want to rework the top edge, but that should be a breeze.

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