My tote runneth over

Our knitting group meets on Tuesdays, now at Padgett Station, where you can get sweet or savory crumpets, house salad involving goat cheese and figs, many a drink involving espresso, fancy cocktails, and Tuesday also happens to be $3 night for organic beer, sangria, or triple rum cooler!

Last week, I was waiting for M to pick me up and thought I’d clean out my knitting tote, which has been getting heavier – many a knitted bit going in, very few coming out. It was filled to overflowing.


I took inventory. I am embarrassed. It’s a graveyard of temporarily abandoned work. We have:

bjerk A slightly rumpled Bjerk. Complete to armpits, yet still sleeveless.

vogue Vogue with the bobble pattern, now missing cover and TOC page.

garter Front and back of garter baby sweater. Again, no sleeves. Not useful for cool weather or people with arms.

bobble Bobble mess.

bamboo First attempt at garter stitch sweater. Pattern worked fine, but I ran out of yarn. Again, great for the armless.

bobble Oh look, more bobble cardi pieces.

kyoto Goodness. Forgotten all about the Kyoto sweater that I’d gone back to after forgetting about it for quite some time.

trellis Thwarted attempt at Trellis scarf from Interweave.

And in the very bottom, a reminder that, first of all, I never finished reading that Fiber Arts magazine, and I apparently left off on page 190 when I had to return Baghdad Burning to the library…


In the end, I was so overwhelmed that I loaded the tote back up, put it in the corner, and took my backpack instead.


7 thoughts on “My tote runneth over

  1. Do I remember that you were working on the Kyoto sweater when you left for DRC- what- two years ago?
    I remember looking at it in your hotel room being totally impressed at your skills- that actually inspired me to knit more!

  2. I’ve been working on it for a while. Well, the probalo is NOT working on it. I got the yarn at GDNS, where I worked from Jan-Jul 04. During that time, I started LOTS of projects. I picked up Kyoto again when I was in NOLA and went to my storage unit, so it was legitimately on hold for over a year anyway!

  3. Don’t feel bad. I have at five similar bags full of unfinished projects.

    At least you know what they all are. I have two projects where I’ve forgotten what they are. I’m planning to just rip them out and add the yarn to my stash.

    It’s bad when your kids outgrow the stuff before you finish knitting it.

  4. Oh this is not the only bag, trust me!

    Well, I guess that’s true – I do know what they all are. Even so, at least one will be ripped and added back to the stash.

  5. Ah. See, my only advice is to be totally obsessive about whatever it is you want to finish. It’s not very good advice and rather unhelpful unless you happen to have a just-so personality. Perhaps you can find it in yourself to obsess!

  6. I’m practicing the obsessing. The more overwhelmed I become, the more inclined to cut back on new beginnings. I should perhaps take Eunny Jang’s approach – don’t maintain a stash!

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