Save, people, save!

So, I tried to multi task, compose a blog post and chat on MSN at the same time. I clicked on a link in the chat, and my whole post disappeared. Here is a short version, with only a couple photos. More tomorrow.

Most important order of the day: THANK YOU Andrea for sending me a new crochet hook! It arrived a few days ago, I ought to have emailed you.

When I was working on Bobble, Andrea lent me her crochet hook, and I finished all the edgings. Then I had to unravel it all! And she moved back to Canada. And I haven’t had what I need to re-do the crochet (handy excuse, no?). No more procrastinating. OK, maybe a little more.

But I did use the hook already, to create a little garnish for the baby socks.

And secondly, I learned this neat trick from Amy‘s Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation – get some of those wire hangers from dry cleaning (or your roommate’s closet) and bend them just so and you have sock blockers! Here are the Trekking socks:


6 thoughts on “Save, people, save!

  1. excellent solutions both of them!

    finally something to do with those last few metal coat hangers *and* something to do with those variegated yarns that didn’t end up variegated in a way i like (really must learn not to buy variegated yarns that i can’t see knit up).

  2. Variegateds can be tricky. This one makes such a nice rainbow ribbon, and looks completely different as a sock. Usually I stick to fairly monochromatic variegateds, becuase sometimes the results are too iffy otherwise… I took a risk on this one, and actually the predominant colors are reds and pinks.

    As for hangers, I actually may need to round up more – I still have a couple pairs to block!

  3. Still in love with that pattern.
    Now I have a use for all those hangers in my house from the dry cleaning master. Maybe I should start bending them and selling them.

  4. The sock pattern? I will write it up for you one day soon. If you mean, “I want to knit it” when you say “I love it.”

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