Bellflower Bluestocking

These photos are actually from last weekend, documenting some of my progress on the first bluestocking, which is really a knee sock.

From top left, clockwise: a) heel turned, side view; b) side view with foot inside; c) close up of bellflower design; d) not-so-great attempt to show where I increased for the calf.

a) b)

c) d)

The first knee sock is complete, but may require editing. I made a picot edging intended to enclose an elastic, to make sure the knee sock doesn’t slouch down to my ankles, since the lace would be a muddled mess and in that case I might as well just have knit a rib.

The picot edging worked out just as I had planned, but slightly too narrow for the 3/4″ elastic.

On the next sock, I may do without the elastic, even though I waited two whole days to finish the first until I could find some at Mulberry Silks.

This is not the first time I have used this style of picot edging, which I really like (not to mention it is super easy to work) but I would like to credit Lene at DancesWithWool for giving me the idea to use it to encase elastic for my stocking.


3 thoughts on “Bellflower Bluestocking

  1. They are fairly bright. It is called French blue. There is a whole post that I haven’t written yet about how they appeared in my imagination 🙂

    I want to post a photo of one or both finished socks on my legs (2nd one I am only at the heel) but as I said, I have an issue with the finishing on the first one, and I might have to take it out. Which means first it has to sit there for a few days before I go back to it…

    Also, I get much more accurate color during daylight, and now it is night, so you’ll have to wait!

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