When I was in Alexandria, I saw Erika for the first time in years, and she is 8 months pregnant with a baby girl.

I’ve had dreams of making blankets and sweaters for all my friends with babies, but so far I haven’t been too successful. The babies get born before I’ve cast off, and grown before I’ve woven in ends.

I realized that perhaps if I set my sights slightly lower, I’d have more success, so this time, continuing on my sock roll, I downloaded Ann Budd’s baby socks patterns and knitted up the ruffle socks from a bit of my Fleece Artist Jester yarn. Now I know what to do with that extra yardage from all my socks!

baby socks

I loved this project. The yarn was luscious, the pattern was easy and fun, and I finished over the weekend amidst other knitting. I practiced short row heels and toes, which helped with the upcoming Blue Stockings.

Now I just have to get them in the mail before Seahorse* is born!


*I never knew this before, but each child has a name before it has a name. Once its parents know it is there, but before the sex is known, it is known as something, which may only be known to its parents. In a few cases that I know, the pre-birth name has become public: Mateo used to be Bean, Seahorse is a girl but doesn’t have a name yet, and Shrimpette is still too small to tell what s/he will be.


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