Trekking in the greater DC area

Last week I was in Baltimore and Alexandria, and I visited three knitting shops. That wasn’t exactly the plan, but lucky for me, that’s how it worked out! I picked up a few things, and now I really am on a diet till I finish up some of my bits and bobs:

We don’t seem to have Trekking yarn in North Carolina, so I bought some both at A Good Yarn in Fells Point and at Woolworks. Woolworks had Manos in this gorgeous purple blend, and A Good Yarn had Harrisville’s Flax & Wool, which I’ve never seen before.

The proprietor of the tiny A Good Yarn told me that she has been looking into production and trade practices, and prefers to stock mostly US yarns along with a select few others (Dale of Norway) rather than sponsoring companies whose practices may be questionable (how else do they keep their prices so low?). She also had the 40″ Addi Turbos in size 0 that Amber was looking for.

Woolworks is arranged much like Tricoter in Seattle, with yarns sorted by color, which is a visual treat.

Above, from my visit to Knit Happens, which was walking distance from my hotel in Alexandria (though an $8 cab ride in pouring rain…). I hadn’t seen either of these before – on the left, Koigu‘s Kersti yarn, a worsted weight that looks very different from their sock yarn. On the right, Fleece Artist superwash sock yarn! I thought about more somber colors, but the Jester colorway won out. After all the patterning on my current socks, I think this will become a simple ribbed pair.

During my week away, I worked on my Trekking socks, the maroon pair (almost a pair!) with the diamond design. Since it rained most of the week, I didn’t do much of a trek, so here is Sock No. 1 peering mournfully out the hotel window. A close up of the stitch design as well, which is ribbed and reverse stockinette triangles that form eyelet-ringed diamonds.


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