On the road again

Thanks to everyone who inputted on the charting problem (previous post), including commenters on the LJ syndicated feed, it was very helpful!

My socks (OK, one sock…): coming along now that I have the pattern right.

Sorry, no photos till I take some new shots! I did finish the Embossed Leaf Socks, which I LOVE. The yarn worked out wonderfully, it is so stretchy and squishy and soft, and the brown colors are so vibrant – I know, odd to talk about vibrant brown, but it is!

Last weekend I was helping put on a bridal shower,


so I didn’t knit a whole lot, only on the Trekking sock no. 1, and on Grandma’s cardi: pieces complete, finishing commences.

This weekend, I am traveling as well, for work, and I’ll be gone a whole week. I brought the Trekking sock, the garter stitch cardi from the work basket, and Bjerk. [I do wish my flight were longer than an hour…]

That should keep me busy. Amber and I can compare notes on the baby sweater – I can’t wait to see hers.

And I’d really like to get back to spinning – oh, I bought some merino top in teal and gold in New Hampshire, but I haven’t got photos yet! Next week…


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