I’ve made some progress on the items in the work basket lately (see previous entry). One brown sock is finished, and I’ve turned the heel on the second.

Andrea asked about the Wyvern sock(s), a valid question as we had planned a knitalong. Oops. Well, here is as far as I got – one toe of a toe-up sock. The problem is obvious in the second photo, the problem being that not following the tutorial, never a good idea, may lead to unexpected eyelets. I considered continuing, and then thought – nope, this mistake does not qualify as a happy accident. It’s getting unraveled!

wyvern toe

And my plans for a new pair of socks, knee socks I think, are coming along, although I’ve got about 3 pairs to complete before I can embark on that. Around Christmas, I asked my grandmother if I should knit her socks. Of course, she said yes, even though I doubt she has plans to wear them. I liked the idea of designing some for her anyway, even if I’m the one to model them later on. I chose Gems Opal yarn in French Blue, into which I am going to incorporate this Bellflowers design.

blue bellflower

Some progress also on the baby pullover. I decided to go the extra mile and use a separate small needle to knit what will be the bottom edge, designed to roll.


And, oh yes, forgot all about that backordered yarn that magically appeared on my doorstep the other day. I swatched this teal Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed for Interweave’s Blissful Jacket. The teal is not as bright as I anticipated, but it will still work out nicely for this piece. I haven’t chosen a contrast color yet.

aran tweed blissful jacket


3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Sorry about the eyelets 😉 I was just knitting my 2nd Wyvern sock today, I am only 3 repeats plus cuff ribbing from finishing. I am so anxious to get these off the needles, I really enjoyed knitting them but I always get so impatient when I near the end of a project. And I’ve let them drag on for far too long…

  2. That is great that you’re almost done – please post a photo?

    I get impatient too, so I’ve been focusing on something I can finish, the brown embossed leaf socks, which will hopefully bolster me for returning to the sweater projects.

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