Top-down leaf cardigan

I’ve been plugging along on this cardigan, which I’ve had in my head for several months. So far, it looks as though a size 40 or so will take 6 skeins of Misti International’s Pima Silk.

The cardigan begins at the collar with raglan increases for the sleeves, with sleeve stitches set aside to finish the body.

leaf cardi

I’ve gotten that far, and am now working on the left sleeve, which has the leaf design continuing down the top.

top of sleeve

I think the leaves and the natural curves down the front of the sweater will be much crisper after blocking. Here is a detail of the leaf pattern at the waist.


After learning the Magic Loop method for socks, I started using it on other parts knitted in the round, such as these sleeves. This needle was a bit too short, so I thought I’d substitute in a longer one, only to find that they’re both the same exact length!



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