Low whorl

In addition to learning how to spin over the weekend, I was working on my grandmother’s cardigan. I wish I had a photo of her, in her typical outfit that has become a sort of institution all its own, of a light colored blouse, a pleated plaid skirt, and a solid handknitted cardigan to match, all created by her.

Now, she is old enough that knitting is not on her list of things to do any longer, so I am finishing a cardigan in the standard design that she used from The Wool Shop and in a lovely heathered pink shetland wool from the same outfit, which closed down well before I became interested in knitting.

I told her in March that I would finish her cardigan, so it arrived in a box with the back completed and the right front on the needles. There was a hand-typed copy of the pattern to go with it.

Since I get the best photos in natural daylight, here is the last piece before sewing together, sleeve #2, draped on my front stoop, with a good idea of the subtleties in the coloring:


And here is a little technique that I learned from observing the pieces that she had already knit.


Grandma joined her yarn simply but effectively, eliminating the wet saliva-covered hands that come along with splicing, and the tedium of weaving in later. She overlapped several inches of the old end and the new end, and simply knitted 6 or 8 stitches with a doubled yarn, leaving short ends on the back side.

So easy.

I like the fact that even though we live hundreds of miles apart, and I am horrible at telephone contact, and she never learned to use email, I can still learn from her.


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