I. Present for Mom; II. Hope Springs Eternal

I. Present for Mom
I had the best idea for a Mother’s Day gift, keeping in mind that my mom has been a knitter for a very long time and she’s seen and tried just about everything:

needle sizer pendant

But there were a couple of snafus, the first being that instead of mailing it to the shipping address, the necklace was sent to me…so my mom didn’t get it for Mother’s Day exactly. Whoops.

The second disappointment was that the pendant was kind of thin and worth only about half the price I paid for it. So I had to send it back.

Instead, here is what I sent (hopefully she’s received it by now – otherwise I just gave away the surprise!

Hand-dyed boucle yarn from Three Waters Farm
Hand spun and hand dyed wool/mohair yarn from the farm’s sheep and goats
Eucalyptus-limed goats milk soap from the farm’s goats


II. Hope Springs Eternal
I have, once again, finished all the bobbles on the bobble cardigan. There were around 30 that I had to unravel after realizing that the cardigan was lopsided. Now, I have to:

– three-needle-bind-off the shoulders
– sew side seams
– crochet around all edges
– sew on collar
– block
– set in sleeves
– weave in ends

I think the end is in sight?


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