Handknitted Handgrenade

In my newfound quest for unconventional knitting, I have headed over into the political. This project is not new, as the Guardian Unlimited article is dated January 31, 2005. Apparently there was a great exhibition that I missed a year ago (OK I was out of the country, and not in London), called Knit 2 Together that offered a variety of political projects.

Rachael Matthews, co-runner of Cast Off, is, I believe, responsible for the Handknitted Handgrenade. Directions for creating your own can be found in the Guardian Weekly article.

Cast Off supports a variety of underground projects, another of which was the effort to cover a WWII tank in pink, as part of a Copenhagen-based exhibition to protest Denmark’s collaboration with the US in Iraq.


2 thoughts on “Handknitted Handgrenade

  1. Years ago I had a plan to knit guns out of pastel baby yarn, but I never did because I didn’t know what I’d do with them after I was finished making them.

  2. Wow, I could help you with that. Baby mobiles. Applique patches for some piece of clothing. Some kind of art installation project. I have an idea brewing for something along these lines but different again. Not sure if I’ll be posting about it or not, but stay tuned just in case 🙂

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