So, I was kind of shocked and awed to see a blog called Heather Knits on Mason Dixon Knitting‘s blogroll – wow, how did they find me?

I link to them over there in my sidebar, and I commented once or twice on their entries, and I think they’re hilarious and I love how many (how many? I didn’t count) items in their great new book were knitted from Euroflax Linen.

Casually, I scrolled my mouse over the link, and it turns out that it’s a good thing I didn’t have my heart set on Typepad when I began this blog – there’s ANOTHER Heather Knits! Ack! I mean, she looks totally cool, but I thought I was the only one with the genius to choose such a simple name for my site!

And now for the gratuitous (mandatory?) knitting photo – my Charlotte’s Web shawl, knitted from 5 colors of Koigu sockweight merino.

*Ndoui means one who has the same name in Lingala. It is what I would actually call someone with the same name when speaking to her, rather than saying “Heather.” [There is also a word for this in Spanish, but I forget what it is… anyone?]


5 thoughts on “Ndoui*

  1. Someone with a same name in Finnish is called “kaima”. I case you wondered…

    And the shawl looks very summery and happy!

  2. I just popped over from Stitchy’s place and wow, what a nice idea to have something to call another with your name. As a “Daphne,” I don’t meet a lot of others sharing my name and it’s quite disorienting to call someone else my own name when it happens. I don’t mind sharing though, so I like this vocabulary.

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