Shopping for yarn at the farmers market

I can’t believe that I missed the Carrboro farmers market for the first few weeks it was up and running this season. There is so much greenery everywhere, plus handmade soap, herbal concoctions, cedar wood gadgets, jam, coffee (it IS early on Saturday morning), and gorgeous blooms and seedlings.

The past two Saturdays I headed out there with my roommate. The sun was beating down, the market was crowded, and I gravitated toward the grape tomato and habanero seedlings. And then the yarn.

It comes from local Three Waters Farm, which has sheep and goats, and uses their fibers for handspun yarn and goat milk for their wonderfully scented soaps.

Last week, I picked up some bulky merino for a brioche stitch scarf for Dad, a la Weekend Knitting:


and some brown sock yarn. Probably for me!


Maybe I’ll use it to make some of these:


2 thoughts on “Shopping for yarn at the farmers market

  1. one of these days i swear i’ll make it to the farmers market (despite the early hour). you’ve made it sound so enticing 🙂

  2. Oh, it is enticing! I wanted to link to the slideshow that was on the website. Click the link, it’s on the left sidebar below a box that says something about the market in Southern Village. There are a gazillion great photos, taken from last Saturday when I was there!

    We should see if the Southern Village one is open during ‘normal’ hours. There is also one Wed afternoon (now!) in Carrboro as well.

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