Two steps forward…

I was getting back to the Bobble Cardigan after a couple-week hiatus, during which time it was impossible to concentrate long enough to set in the sleeves. Finally, the stars had aligned and I was ready:

In the mean time, I was working on a sleeve for my Grandma’s cardigan, photos in the next entry… But I decided that I would buckle down and just do it. Generally speaking, when I procrastinate, it is due to my fear of failure. If I never set in the sleeves, then I will never have BAD SLEEVES. But I conquered my fear, got out my tutorial, and sat down with contrasting color and needle in hand.

As I was aligning the first sleeve and armhole, I noticed that something seemed off. The fit wasn’t ‘snug’ as it should have been. The sleeve wasn’t sliding into place. Upon examination, I noticed this:

If you look carefully, you can see that on the left front [right photo above], I cast off 4 stitches once and 2 stitches twice, but on the right front (of which I already frogged a portion and reknit once before) I cast off 4 stitches once and 2 stitches four times before continuing.

As I compared the two fronts, I noticed other discrepancies, perhaps related to the asymmetrical cast-off. If you look closely in the top photo, you will see that the lovely diagonal line formed by a left-twist or right-twist that migrates one stitch each row straightens back to vertical at a different point on each side. Then I compared the length of the armhole on each front, and the right was a full inch or more shorter!

Many inconsistencies were becoming clear. When I had tried on the sleeveless version, it looked lopsided, and when my roommate tried it on, it still looked crooked.

I recalled the difficulty of crocheting evenly all the way around the neckline.

Despite steam blocking, which I expected to solve everything, the sweater just wasn’t right.

And until carefully comparing the fronts, I thought I could get away with it.

But no.

When I realized that I would have to reknit part of the right front, I almost cried.

I have not begun the reknitting, but to prepare, I unstitched and removed the collar, unmattress-stitched the side seams, uncrocheted the entire edging from right seam, up the front, around the neck, down the front, and around to the left, un-threeneedlebindoff-ed the shoulders, and put all the live stitches back on needles.

This is what I have now: Bobble Spaghetti.

So don’t worry Andrea, you won’t be missing any unveiling at SnB this week…


5 thoughts on “Two steps forward…

  1. Me too. Very very sorry.

    The worst part is that I had to undo seams, and all that crochet!! I thought I’d be able to get away with much less deconstruction…

  2. Oh noooooooooo! Would you like one of my size E crochet hooks as a present? (I can replace them easily up in Canada, and they’re only around $2.)

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