Better late than never, that’s what they say.

Back in October, Patons Merino was on sale at AC Moore, so several of us stocked up. Back in 2003, I asked my brother if he would wear a sweater if I made one for him.

He said yes, we talked about The Man Sweater from Stitch and Bitch, since he seems like a guy who would wear Man Clothes [observation: this category is pretty narrow, particularly in reference to handknit sweaters]. Their colorway was great, charcoal-red-black, but I chose oatmeal-teal-forest. I knitted, got distracted, put it in storage, moved to Africa, checked after Hurricane Katrina and miraculously my entire stash is intact.

My entire stash is also entirely unorganized, so The Man Sweater is safely tucked away who knows where.

Back to the Patons. I bought 10 skeins of it in a gorgeous denim blue, and had been eyeing the Dylan Goes Electric pattern:

So a few of us started a knitalong, and I was convinced that I would have it done by Christmas.

Christmas arrived, I was seaming all the pieces together. I couldn’t believe I was only going to be a couple days past the deadline!

Then, I moved. Then, I got distracted with work. Then, the neck was too tight so I reknit and rebound off. Then, the sweater got buried under mountains of yarn. Then, I realized that I couldn’t send it till I sewed a tag inside the neck, since my mom had given me a batch and I’d never yet used one:

Finally last night, I sewed in the tag, folded up the sweater, inserted it in the box, taped the box, called my brother to get his address which he’s told me fifteen times and I always lose it, wrote it on the box, and. Well. I have yet to get to the post office. But I’m going to send it tomorrow!

For some reason, even though I used every setting on my camera, I am still getting a faded photo…the sweater is really the color in the photo above. Note to self: upload that software that Liz gave me, tomorrow!

Not only is it April, but my brother might be moving back to Phoenix. Good thing he’ll have that nice, wooly, warm toasty sweater for those. Er. Nice Cool Days that Phoenix is known for!


5 thoughts on “Better late than never, that’s what they say.

  1. Can I just say how excited I am that you now appear to have a camera cable? woo! The sweater looks awesome!

  2. Thank you!

    Yes, I bought a card reader, which is the only reason I can even have a knitting blog – I finally made it to Staples on an occasion when roomie offered me to borrow the car. What a nice roomie!

  3. Congratulations Heather on your gorgeous accomplishiment! I especially like the label! Grant is all excited about receing the sweater -REALLY. I think he’s very flattered that you knit for him. Even though he may be in Phoenix, I can attest to the fact hat it gets COLD there too – so now he’ll be prepared!

  4. “Better late than never”, I always say.What a beautiful sweater you knit for your brother. I sure do hope that he appreciates it! I’m sure he will. Nice job, Heather. We’ll pray for cold weather in Phoenix.

  5. Thanks coloradocrafter and Spindrifter! We are still having some cool weather here now and again, so having another sweater is always nice.

    Coloradocrafter, I sent an email back saying thanks for the photos!

    Spindrifter, I think he does appreciate it – we had some discussion beforehand, because I didn’t want to go around making sweaters for people who don’t want them.

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