The Infamous Bobble Cardi

Finally, below (1) is a photo of the 190-bobble cardigan, not to be confused with Bobble Blue from the Spring 06 issue of Interweave Knits)(2)

(1) (2)

While (2) is cute as well, (1) is definitely worthy of troubling over all the bobbles; I am not making it just to get my bobble jollies.

This design is from Vogue Knitting Winter 04, which has several cute cardigans and pullovers, as well as leaf-design bike paniers made with Reynolds Lopi and wooden purse handles.

Vogue Knitting does not, however, like to post photos of any designs from their magazines other than the current issue, so for the past couple of months without a camera card reader, I couldn’t find a photo of this sweater online anywhere.

I love Interweave Knits for the fact that as of a year or so ago, they publish photos and yarn requirements for all their projects, even before the magazine is out.

Coming soon: WIP photos.


3 thoughts on “The Infamous Bobble Cardi

  1. thank you! It’s much cuter than I thought it would be–I think you have good taste,but I was curious as to how 190 bobbles could look attractive!

  2. I know, the more I talk about bobbles the stranger I feel.

    Also because I chose this project at a time when, between the Spring 06 Interweave Knits and the Winter 05/06 Vogue Knitting, designer Mary Lynn Patrick went seriously crazy with the bobbles.

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