Reinventing the herringbone.

I had this idea that I wanted to use herringbone in a design. In one of my magazines, there was a photo of a model wearing a herringbone jacket, a regular blazer-type jacket, not knitted or anything.

So I had a vision in my head.

I got out my pencil and paper, made a rude graph, and came up with a couple of potential designs.

Last weekend, I bought two balls of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply, a light and a dark, to use in my experiments. I like the colors a lot, and I really enjoy the yarn — a bit of elasticity, soft enough that I don’t have to use those weird leather thimbles I bought to protect my left middle finger:

But my sketches definitely did not equal herringbone when knitted up:

This is a swatch of three different designs, since I was too impatient to do one for each, particularly when I wasn’t getting the intended effect. But something interesting is happening in the transition between the first and second designs, so this piece will be filed for potential future use…

In development work, we talk a lot about reinventing the wheel and ways to avoid it.

In knitting, however, we talk a lot about respecting copyright. So, I wanted to come up with my own pattern, then realized that I would just have to suck it up and google, which yielded this:

Last night, my 48-stitch swatch was almost big enough to go around my wrist, and knitting fairisle flat is a pain, so today I’m trying the herringbone pattern in the round, one needle size down, with a few stitches added, to try turning it into a wrislet.


2 thoughts on “Reinventing the herringbone.

  1. I love herringbone – I’m actually working on a design involving it at the moment. You’ve probably figured this out already from the glove chart (I really ought to finish the ones I started ages ago) but the key difference between herringbone and a regular chevron pattern is that the horizontal lines are staggered. You can play around with both the vertical and horizontal numbers of stitches in each ‘block’ almost endlessly.

  2. Yes, once I figured it out by using someone else’e diagram, I could see that there is an easy logic to it. I am not sure what I was doing before, but I think the problem was that I didn’t have a clear visual of it.

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